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Buying a horsebox/lorry

I am currently in negotiations with the purchase of a lorry, which is over 100 miles away. I am organising a horsebox specialist inspection, as unable to get there to see it for myself. However, it has just dawned on us, that we do not know what is a satisfactory size - internal measurements - for the horse compartment of the box, for our needs.
What size is needed for 2 x 17hh horses, and 1 x 16hh horse please? No point in us buying it if they horses are squashed into it. A reply urgently would be great so we can continue, or not, with the sale. Many thanks.

Re: Buying a horsebox/lorry

I presume you have a HGV license - because of the weight of the three horses - you might not be able to drive a suitable lorry on a car license.
You would be better going to have a look at some lorries at say PRB to see what size would be best for you.

Re: Buying a horsebox/lorry

From experience I would not buy an horse box that I had not seen or driven myself. Just like a car you need to test drive it etc. Bearing in mind that this is a big investment you really should go yourself, but take specialist with you to check it out.

As Pauline said go along to PRB and look at box sizes there, and perhaps even purchase lorry from there???

Re: Buying a horsebox/lorry

if you go to PRB the chances are you are going to have a fair amount of cash with which to purchase one! so everything will all depend on your budget as to the best place to go.

For 2 x 17hh and a 16hh odd you are going to need a minimum internal height of 7ft6 if not 8ft ideally (I find a quick peek at the internal height of the ifor williams 510 will give you a fair idea as they are suitable for horses up to 17.2hh in height). Also if you are going for a 7.5Ton box then you'll probably want something without living as with the weight of the lorry and horses, hay, water, tack etc will easily go over your permitted 7.5ton. I previously had a 7.5 ton Bedford TL 3 horse lorry, with unfitted living (sink/hob and 2 saddles racks!) and the unladen weight of lorry was 4.7 tons giving me a 2.8ton payload for the horses and tack etc so could just about manage all three and kit.

ideally you either want your HGV licence or look for a hunting type box with no living if you want 3 in the lorry all the time. If you are stopped by a VOSA person and you are over the weights, it's a £2k fine and you are not allowed to proceed any further .. which means finding alternative transport for your horses to get them home/to a show.

Re: Buying a horsebox/lorry

should have added, if you can travel I can recommend Chadwick Horse boxes in yorkshire - they were very very helpful when I was looking!