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Hi,my Shire X has always been fine to clip her legs-a little twitchy with off fore but fine elsewhere. Last time I clipped her legs she was very fussy with both fronts but I eventually got there. Today I couldn't get near any leg. She pulls right back against the rope,paws the ground with the leg in trying to clip then kicks forward with her back leg. I was able to do her mane no prob but had to give up with her legs.
She has been having blocks etc in he'd legs but was sedated for the last set and I've clipped since.
I'm always careful clipping and make sure the blades dont get too hot. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want hairy legs!!!

Re: Clipping

Buy yourself a pair of Rex Moser clippers. They're very quiet and small too. They do trim very close, so you'll need to set them to their longest setting, but they are great for legs.

Spend some time just turning them on in earshot, even while she's eating, so that she begins to realise they aren't frightening. Then just give it time. A little bit of clipping at a time.

Good luck!