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three rivers ride end of this month

hi just wondering if anyone wants to do part of the three rivers ride with me my younger sister and her friend on the 26TH for 4 days
camping the first and third night and b&b on the second
leaving from Hereford city to North hay on wye 20 miles
then the second day ride 27 miles to south Brecon
then ride back to hay on wye the third day and back to Hereford on the fourth about 90 miles in all its going to be a steady pace of walk trot and canter as my horses arnt super fit just other day hackkers.
shouldnt cost more than 80 pp for the 4 days.

camping is only 4 pound per person per night plus 5 pound for grazing overnight or 10 stabled horse. still trying to sort out the b&b

Re: three rivers ride end of this month

well i done as much of it as i could all i can say is it isnt worth doing most of the bridle ways on the route were overgrown gates padlocked or broken and this is promoted by the bhs.
Worst part was going from bredwardine to hay bluff the tracks were so overgrown a rabbit wouldnt be able to make it through so the route we had planned to take which was 21 miles on the first day ended up being 36, because we had to keep taking detours to get to the other side of cattle grids with locked gates ext ext.

it got better once we had got into wales but the os maps were way out and the route markers didnt make sense got to one post that had an arrow pointing on all 4 sides at least they could have put which way was heading east or west on the markers. but the scenery was beautiful. one more thing TOO MANY STALLIONS on the common one of my mares came into season on the second day we had to fend off 11 of them that kept appearing out of nowhere but it made for an interesting ride

Re: three rivers ride end of this month

Sorry to hear you had problems on the three rivers ride. I was involved with the local BHS and helped survey and mark parts of it. It was always a concern of mine that this would happen. I don't think the Rights of Way Dept appreciate the time trouble and effort and cost that goes into arranging long distance rides. Could I suggest that you contact 'Amey' who are contracted by Herefordshire Council to look after public rights of way and voice your concerns. You can now report problems on Herefordshire Councils web site.
Also let BHS know. www.bhs.org.uk. Access and Rights of Way Dept.Tel 02476 840515 The promoted walks in Hereford are inspected each year by Amey but not the 3RR. Unless we horse riders make a noise nothing will happen.