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hormonal mares

anyone else got a stressy hormonal mare at the moment? my 5 year old mare has been in season for 10 days now and has changed from a lovly calm little soal to a raving monster who charges around like a loony, suggestions would be great! should I consider putting her in foal?? she seems to want to be a mother really badly.

Re: hormonal mares

Ask your vet about Regumate. It really does work. I have had two mares that were suffering with hormone imbalance and after having a course of Regumate she has been fine every since. They will come into season but are so much calmer and the season is regular

Re: hormonal mares

My mare is really hormonal and a complete witch, I put her on regumate and she's so much better, won't be taking her off it until winter! Also I claimed for it on my insurance and they will pay for a year!

Re: hormonal mares

cant be as bad as my thoroughbred mare when she is in season i have to keep women away from her she attacks them with her mouth and chases them off the yard when she is in heat she went for me with her back legs the one time but i was able to nock her off balance causing her to fall on her side and she hasnt attacked me or any other man since

Re: hormonal mares

I have had up until a month ago 4 very hormonal mares one who lost her foal at 10 days was the worst (now there all in foal thank god) one of the mares was put on a calmer equine america make one was put on magic naf make and the other 2 i changed there feed.
i would say the equine america calmer worked best but also the change in feed to a stud balancer helped them to cope.
I'm not sure putting her in foal would be for the best as unless you have somewhere for the foal to go you never know where they will end up.
Regumate works one of the mares is on it for the next 100 days or so but it is expensive and the other problem is that women shouldn't touch it with there skin if they plan to have kids.
hope this helps