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Recognise this??

Overnight my mare car up with horrid hives
Just like a nettle rash all down her flank and part of her hind quarters
But just on one side.

Nothing in her routine, environment, feed etc
Has changed except she ate three grapes the night before.

She is turned out with access to her stable in barn.

The vet could only say it was some sort of allergic
Reaction and gave me some hibby scrub. At the time I
Never thought about the grapes to tell the vet.

It doesn't seem to be bothering her and she isn't rubbing nor scratching
It. I just wondered if anyone had similar or
Could offer their opinion/ advice?? I have pics.
Many thanks ;)

Re: Recognise this??

Yes, my horse had an alergic reaction like this last summer. I gave her anti-histamine tablets, and it cleared up the next day (on advice of vet)!

Re: Recognise this??

My daugters gelding has come up with the same loads of lumps on his underside and nothing in his routeen or diet have changed they look like fly bites but there are so many and quite big. The vets say may be reaction to something. Am tempted to try anti-histamine but am unsure

Re: Recognise this??

iv got a sec a mare that is the same if she get bitten by a horse fly the whole one side comes up in those bumps it doesn't affect her in any way usually it is round the neck, underside or bum where the blood supply is close to the skin that transfers it to the the surrounding tissue