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Felt Fanzine out June 6th and Renewd Felt Site with different adress

The launch for Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango will take place on Sunday June 6th from 2pm with our friends at The Hangover Lounge, London's weekly musical hair of the dog held at The Lexington on Pentonville Road. The afternoon will feature writer, record mogul and former Felt bassist Phil King DJing and live tributes from some very special guests to be unveiled shortly. Oh, and it's free entry!

The 'zine will be available for the first time on the day. After that, we will be selling copies through the blog and selected retailers

-----Taken from http://foxtrotecholimatango.blogspot.com/

My new Felt site will premiere also on June 6th, so pay attention and if you are nearby, go to London to participate in the fanzine party.

Rui Kalda