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Re: Nigel's Posts

Dear Nigel,

Today I’m very happy, My Maurice Deebank CD arrived directly from Cherry Red Records and I’m having the REAL pleasure of listening to 4 new songs and re-listening those fantastic guitars from 1984!

I think now your entity issue is resolved…

I would love to meet Maurice Deebank, I was also a guitar player (very bad one), but for taking a good Porto wine and not to take guitar lessons, I’m too old now and why take lessons from him when we’ve his music? I’m very sad that something bad happen to Maurice Deebank, is something like Stephen Hawking? Well, not really important… so many things we cannot answer… who kill JFK? who kidnapped Maddie? Is there ET life? And so on… And that’s why everyone has an opinion… Is there any music from Maurice Deebank from 1992 until now or until his major incapacitating health issue?

We’re all here, so you didn’t divide anyone… And off course Felt is bigger than us all, but also was only a band that in 10 years, produced 10 surprising albums! And that's why I can resist asking Mr. Lee McFadden, are you 10 or 12? Since you maybe something in the middle why not listen to “Study No. 1” from Maurice Deebank as a case study? Did you find the music beautiful and relaxing? Your next post will be better, I’m sure! (I hope you have some English humor).

Unfortunately I’m not Nuno Bettencourt, well, I’m younger, that’s a good thing! By the way, Nuno Bettencourt come from Azores Islands and that’s a tremendous place to get vacations!

Next I will maybe buy Felt DVD! And try to find some tracks I never listen to, thanks Robert for the great post!

By the way, today was a great beach day, if you feel too much grey above you (vulcan ashes) come to Portugal and you will feel better.


Well said Nuno (maybe not baiting Lee, but the rest of it makes sense to me, and I appreciate you were joking ).

Anyway, it is nice to see Nigel back in inimitable style, and some of the mystery of MD cleared up once and for all. Chinese whispers yet again leading to some fantastic Felt stories, equally interesting to the more grounded version of events.

I'd like to see the Felt history as laid out by Nigel put together in some chronological sense & without the bickering that often interspersed them. As the various posts have received responses (or not), the actual order of them became increasingly jumbled. Probably a relatively simple copy & paste job, but I feel that it is not necessarily my place to do this.

It would be a shame to have Nigel's insight overshadowed by the backbiting and sniping that surround them - they merit far more than that.

Most of all though, I'd like to see more references to Black Flag vocalists (Keith Morris gets my vote) & British heavy metal in general on the board (I never could get my head around Pantera, and Extreme were too poodle rock for my tastes)