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Re: I would not waste my time.

Dont leave us Nigel, this site has been lively for the first time ever, we'll miss you really. If you toned down the pomposity a bit and stopped attacking everyone who happened to defend the legend that is Lawrence then i'm sure it could be a great forum at last.

But could you please take beck that horrid charector slur in saying that Lawrence is a dirty red Man U fan, I'm sure he's West Brom, Jeff Astle fan wasn't he?

Oh and how much longer til that new cd and film, we get a trickle every 5 years now, it used to be one a year!!!

Oh and for the record, my fave Felt period was 1986-87, but the Stagnant Pool is the greatest song ever so Maurice will always be a legend in my eyes too and its a shame he never did much in music again.