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Re: Deebank / Silver controversy

You stoop so low as firstly to refer to me by my surname only and then by the risible nickname of "Macca". I have a full name which is displayed here. Please refer to me by my full name. I am not afraid to use it - it is my real name. You think you're so brave but you can only give out personal abuse under a pseudonym (because it is). As I said before - give us your real name or shut up. You also said in a previous post about how that is the way that I treat the greatest guitarist etc. You are so wrapped up in your obsession you fail to see (as I have several times) that musicians who have created some of the best music out there can also have personality flaws - I readily can say that Lawrence has too - as have quite a few of my favourite musicians who I have met, corresponded and worked with. To be perfectly honest I can't see why I'm wasting my energy on such a berk - WHOEVER YOU ARE!!!!! And you were VERY emotionally involved before I even made a post - so don't go blaming me on your paranoia!!!!!