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Deebank / Silver controversy

I'm sorry to see that for whatever reason the current discussion topic (the extent of Deebank's role in Felt's early career) which may or may not have evolved into an interesting exchange of views has become... well, I'll reserve comment.

Nigel, I've done some digging (admittedly stalkeresque, but at your suggestion) and found that you have a history of pro-Deebank forum posts; not only relating to MD's role in Felt but also an apparent influence on Johnny Marr. For instance:


Now it's obvious that you're a big fan of MD (as I assume the majority of posters to this forum are) and you say you have been a 'student' of his, which means you must have many more stories to offer. What you must realise however, as has been stated before, is that despite his crucial role in early Felt, Deebank features on FEWER THAN HALF of their records. As Lawrence was present in some capacity (albeit in the case of 'Train...' providing only song titles) it is only logical that Felt history focuses on him. Your stories and viewpoints are most welcome, but please recognise this. Also, read the header of the site the forum belongs to: it's a site for all three of Lawrence's projects. Doesn't that explain the Lawrence bias somewhat?

I'm not arguing against the veracity of anything you say, I just wish you'd offer us more insights rather than defending yourself against imagined attacks. I enjoyed your posts from day one, so please don't let this discourage you; I just think you need to put certain things in perspective. Thanks for reading.

Re: Deebank / Silver controversy

Coco, I agree with you wholeheartedly. "Imagined attacks" are the key phrases here. All Felt fans recognized Deebank's talent; he is also properly credited as a major songwriter/contributor for Felt's music. Nigel, please spare your mean and judgmental comments on Lawrence. You don't have to attack him on a personal level to make your point.

Re: Deebank / Silver controversy

Well said the pair of you. He also shouldn't be attacking people on this forum for no reason.

Re: Deebank / Silver controversy

I am very sorry to hear that you both think that Mcfadden's slandering of two innocent people - myself and Deebank over identity issues is an imagined attack. As one of you has quite rightly said, Earlier in the forum (some years ago). I stated that I was Deebank's student. We also became good friends. You are also absolutely right to conclude that that is how I cam to know so much about Deebank and Heyward and Felt. You also say that Deebank was on half the recordings only. That does not mean to say that we have to write someone out of history where their full status is concerned.
You have both done well enough at arriving at some sensical conclusions, but I am afraid that you have made some substantial errors too. You are not on the receiving end of Macca's totally disgusting accusation. So you do not have to be emotionally involved do you.

Re: Deebank / Silver controversy

You stoop so low as firstly to refer to me by my surname only and then by the risible nickname of "Macca". I have a full name which is displayed here. Please refer to me by my full name. I am not afraid to use it - it is my real name. You think you're so brave but you can only give out personal abuse under a pseudonym (because it is). As I said before - give us your real name or shut up. You also said in a previous post about how that is the way that I treat the greatest guitarist etc. You are so wrapped up in your obsession you fail to see (as I have several times) that musicians who have created some of the best music out there can also have personality flaws - I readily can say that Lawrence has too - as have quite a few of my favourite musicians who I have met, corresponded and worked with. To be perfectly honest I can't see why I'm wasting my energy on such a berk - WHOEVER YOU ARE!!!!! And you were VERY emotionally involved before I even made a post - so don't go blaming me on your paranoia!!!!!