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The correct version of Deebank's text

It is no surprise to me that Felt has a fundamentalist element. It is naive to think otherwise. The music that I created with Felt has an aggrandized elevation that transcends the triteness of the mundane plane. It is derived from a higher aesthetic stratum that emanates from the nous sphere and is therefore necessarily comprised of a myriad of levels ranging from the low, right the way up to the starry altitude of ethereal space, with each level corresponding to distinct intellectual and emotional experiences. But in addition to the perspective of the creator, there is also the response of those who make contact with that which has been created; and they too, with their own individual, as well as collective responses to the created object form a matrix of multitudinous levels (note that the latter syllable of "multitudinous" - "nous", which means mind, is prefixed with a term which, as you are already be aware, means many). Many levels of mind, that are conjoined with numerous strata that are contained within any given exalted creative work, then, is the only possible outcome with which we are faced. It is exactly the same situation with religion, politics and science. "Levels, levels, all is levels."
As in other areas of human endeavour there are those who create intelligently and those who are insensitive and reckless. There are those who see something for what it is, and there are those who appropriate it and cause it to degenerate. The latter allow themselves to be guided by those who are self-serving and who wish to promote themselves above all things. They are the mentally blind who are unable to see with an inner vision the upper echelons of potential human existence; and they are therefore inexorably consigned to being controlled by destructive forces unseen, but which nevertheless exude from their very tangible puppet masters.
I never entered music for fame or money. I very much had the feeling that it was through music that I would come to be more intimately acquainted with that most important phenomenon which we know as life. My extensive and intensive efforts in music in the past have proved me right.
The leadership of Felt was polarised. There was complete honesty where the music was concerned, but it was sadly lacking elsewhere. I realise that this is not unique in music, and to me it is a truly sorry state-of-affairs that people feel that they must propel themselves forward by ruthless means in order to satisfy their own selfish ego.
If you have something worthwile offering, then let it speak for itself. You must ask and answer yourself honestly what it is that the intended creation is: a work of art, - or yourself?