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Re: The Pictorial Jackson Review

My feelings are much the same... Upon first listen the new songs seemed incongruous, especially "Tuesday's Secret". But given Lawrence's concept for the album, and repeated listens, the record has come together for me and I've enjoyed re-evaluating these songs.

In the past this had always been my least-favorite Felt album. Not because of the different sides (I love Martin's tracks and what could be more "Lawrence" than making such an odd record), but because some of the songs seemed undercooked and the two instrumentals are clearly unconnected from each other. It was a package that was ramshackle, unlike every other Felt album.

Re: The Pictorial Jackson Review

Always felt that in some ways TPJR was the quintessential Felt record.

Can't believe this forum is still going strong, to quote William Bennett.

I've been away with illness and temporary loss of interest in Felt, but hello Nigel / Maurice! We used to talk a bit and I still think you're one of the greatest guitarists I've ever heard.