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The Pictorial Jackson Review

Here's the description from the Cherry Red website of the reissue of The Pictorial Jackson Review:

To understand ‘The Pictorial Jackson Review’ we must acquaint ourselves with Lawrence’s original inspiration – Dylan’s ‘Nashville Skyline’ & ‘Friends’ by The Beach Boys – he was obsessed by short albums full of short melodic songs. A last-minute panic though ended in the dismantling of the track list. Two of the songs that did not seem to fit were replaced with two songs that absolutely definitely did not fit. Logic becomes perverse when panic sets in. Here at last is the original album in all its ten short pop song glory. Concise ‑ minimal – a dash through a built-up area rather than a stroll in an open vista. It’s like Vic Godard said – “blind alleyways allay the jewels”!!

Of all the reissued albums this one sees the greatest change, with two previously unheard recordings added and Martin's instrumentals removed.

Any thoughts now this is out?

Re: The Pictorial Jackson Review

To be honest, I think the 2 'new' tracks don't serve the album well at all and I much prefer the original issue. Is it a demo of Tuesday's Secret? Sure sounds like it.

I'm pretty disappointed with the majority of these reissues and think they're a bit of a missed opportunity. The CD sets are just tacky and I don't really like the style of gatefold for the vinyl. I'm also getting a bit bored with Lawrence's constant tinkering with the back catalogue. Then again, it's his music and he can do what he likes with it.

Also, I'm having to return my second copy of Forever Breathes as both have been warped.

Re: The Pictorial Jackson Review

A R S E is censored!

Re: The Pictorial Jackson Review

After reading the sleeve label I listened to both Nashville Skyline and Friends as I'd never heard either and they didn't do much for me. I love TPJR and am very pleased to have it on vinyl, but don't think either addition adds much. Ape Hangers is so great and can't be bettered, and this sounds like what it is - an early version that didn't make the cut. Tuesday's Secret also sounds undercooked. But hey, if this is what Lawrence always wanted this album to be then let it be it. I can't say I ever gave the jazzy noodles the time of day anyway so won't miss them.

Re: The Pictorial Jackson Review

I'm more disappointed that "Poem Of The River" never had room for "When The Dawn Starts Creeping In" and the original version of "I Can't Make Love to You Anymore" - I'd have liked to have heard those. The only official version of "When The Dawn" is on that horrible sounding live DVD - and the only way you can hear a studio version is the bootlegged Andy Kershaw session. I'm OK with "Jewels....." and whilst I definitely prefer the "Space Blues" version of Tuesday's Secret" - this new version sounds more like the live versions they were playing in 87 ad 88.

Re: The Pictorial Jackson Review

Both the songs and the album changes have grown on me with repeated listens, as has Ignite the Seven Cannons. Always worth letting these things settle, the old versions have been with us for years. It's interesting to have this stuff, especially as Lawrence always said there wasn't any archive material. Is there anything else lurking in that lock-up?

Re: The Pictorial Jackson Review

My feelings are much the same... Upon first listen the new songs seemed incongruous, especially "Tuesday's Secret". But given Lawrence's concept for the album, and repeated listens, the record has come together for me and I've enjoyed re-evaluating these songs.

In the past this had always been my least-favorite Felt album. Not because of the different sides (I love Martin's tracks and what could be more "Lawrence" than making such an odd record), but because some of the songs seemed undercooked and the two instrumentals are clearly unconnected from each other. It was a package that was ramshackle, unlike every other Felt album.

Re: The Pictorial Jackson Review

Always felt that in some ways TPJR was the quintessential Felt record.

Can't believe this forum is still going strong, to quote William Bennett.

I've been away with illness and temporary loss of interest in Felt, but hello Nigel / Maurice! We used to talk a bit and I still think you're one of the greatest guitarists I've ever heard.