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Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango Book For Sale On Ebay

To raise funds so I can buy the Felt vinyl reissues I’m selling my spare 2nd edition copy of the rare Felt fanzine Foxtrot Exho Lima Tango on ebay.
The auction is for 7 days, the link is below.
Good luck if you decide to bid, thanks.


Re: Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango Book For Sale On Ebay

So this worked out all right for you, then! (I kept an eye on this as the clock wound down, Sunday evening.) Well done. Since this passed me by when it was originally issued - I've been out of the loop Felt-wise for quite a while - I'd thought about making a bid, but, knowing nothing about it, wasn't in a position to know how 'essential' it might be (especially to someone whose interest is pretty much limited to the first few years of the band's existence). Are many/any of the articles that comprise it available individually online, or has it ever been made available in e-book or PDF form, officially-sanctioned or otherwise? If not, I wonder if it might be worth lobbying the people behind it to consider putting out a new run in such a form, both for new fans and older/periodically 'inactive' ones coming late to this.

Re: Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango Book For Sale On Ebay

Wow well done, £98 who'd have guessed that, think it only cost a few quid when it came out, wonder what that £40 photo book is worth!

Re: Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango Book For Sale On Ebay

Kind of wish I'd not seen this! I have a copy, which I'd never considered selling before but £100 seems a good return on something that cost a tenner!

I went to the 'other' book launch at Rough Trade and my wife offered to get me a copy for me as a birthday present, which I foolishly declined. £30 seemed a lot to pay at the time. Of course with hindsight:-(

Re: Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango Book For Sale On Ebay

The other one's a coffee-table photo book in essence, isn't it? At the time it came out, I'd been shelling out for a number of hefty art books and so had to pass on the First Third Felt book. But in any case Felt's recorded output is what it's all about for me, with Lawrence's skewed take on art and life as disseminated in interviews following behind, so the decision to pass on a lot of photos featuring the likes of Gary Ainge and Marco Thomas was fairly easily made. At the time I got into them, Felt were one of those 'faceless' bands, a bit like (and this is hard to credit these days, given that they've both gone on to have high public profiles) Pink Floyd and New Order were at the same sort of time. Not really knowing who Felt were or what they all looked like was part of the charm.