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Re: Get a crowd

Thanks for the reply and although i have never been a facebooker i will start.
The campaign starts here,it really is a travesty that talented genii like Lawrence arent at the very least making a living from the pleasure that they give.

Re: Get a crowd

Apologies for raining on anyone's parade, but isn't "getting a crowd" and "paying Lawrence for a gig" - the same as "promoting a gig"? In other words - the Birmingham and Oxford promotions were put out there specifically for this purpose - and were cancelled.

I was trying to get gigs in London and Portsmouth with GKM for the band I'm playing in. The setback was that the promoters were awaiting a release date for the next GKM album before the tour dates could be announced. A long time went by with no news before I was told to leave it. The problem may be because they're not quite ready for something to promote.

Re: Get a crowd

Hi i take your point. However lots of bands play gigs on a regular basis without any new material to promote.I was wondering if the gigs were cancelled because of slow ticket sales!If that was the case my thought was to reverse the process and get an audience and then approach Lawrence with the idea.Obviously the logistics might be awkward but with enough people perhaps even a tour.To be frank it irks me that a lot of dross are earning a living whilst true originals like Lawrence are scratching a meagre existence.

Re: Get a crowd

I went to the one in Preston. The change of venue didn't help, the place was a dive and it was only half-full. Lawrence wasn't as up for it as he was in Glasgow a few months previously and had someone sent round the hall asking everyone to come to the front of the stage because all the space was making him uneasy. Credit goes to Terry Miles who was absolutely superb and seemed to keep everything going.

Re: Get a crowd

Hi,i am trying to approach this from the other angle,get a load of people who want to see Lawrence and then approach his management with a proposal and a venue that best suits.I suspect(but i dont know)that the last gigs were cancelled because of low sales!) It would be an absolute crime if this man couldnt make some kind of living because of his unique take on things. We have to do something!!!

Re: Get a crowd

Hi, once upon a time in Paris (2006, I believe) I asked Gary Ainge for Lawrence'e manager (or management, I can't recall precisely).
He just laughed in my face.

Unfortunally, Lawrence has been his worst enemy regarding promotion. We're not in the 80's.....nowadays the internet is a powerfull tool to self-promotion and Lawrence doesn't take ANY advantage of it. I've to sweat my brains (googling, expecting mails from fans, checking sites) to see what he's up to.

I just don't cares....i think he believes his art, his music is sufficient.

We know it isn't....that's why you're sending this appeal, Steve (and bravely too), but I respect Lawrence's determination, as irrational as it seems to me.

Probably what will work is another Gathering like the one in Paris (the place was well packed), it was organized by Christophe Basterra (from MagicRPM magazine).
Phil King and Jarvis Cocker DJing, what a party it was.

I hope you succeed Steve.