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Re: The Versatile Newts

It was me who asked the question. PITW - if it is Nick Gilbert singing - the vocals sound uncannily like his old bandmate. Probably that was the vocal style the band thought they should operate.

Re: The Versatile Newts

plastic bird

Nick Gilbert and Lawrence were chums from age 11 ... Lawrence bought a guitar and recorded his own single onto a cassette, which he released in September '79 under the name of "Felt" (past tense of "feel") [Shanghai #1]. Next, Lawrence and Nick decided to make a record together, and with two drums and three chords, the Versatile Newts debuted in early 1980 with 'Newtrition' b/w 'Blimp'. Presently Maurice Deebank joined on [more competent] guitar, and they began playing together as Felt. In the meantime, however, Nick had mailed the 'Newts single to his heroes the Fall - who adored it, and invited the Versatile Newts to open for them in Manchester. Nick nervously advised Mark E. Smith of the name change (fortunately Felt and the Fall had a certain euphony) and the first-ever Felt gig was pronounced a success. (Sadly, Felt never performed the Newts songs live.)



Just to shed some more light on Spencer's questions earlier, this thread maybe needs a bump up the board!