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tell rev. dr. jeremy taylor you saw this

d.min ma jeremy taylor steals the God spoken created name ministry of dreams and hid on his website and kathy taylor knows, and when reverend d.min jeremy taylor phd was written he called police and wrote and called ministry above copyrights, jeremy taylor wants to strip God's servant of his salavation by offending but preaches Jesus, show barbara at richard rosen's lair and as them and the board why they protect dr. rev. jeremy taylor, Kevin Connerton,
Faith Curtin,
June M. Fisher,
Allen Flagg,
Tom Goodridge,
Peggy Greenawalt,
Roberta Greening,
Jamie Gregory,
Elizabeth Grimaldi,
Shelly Hainer,
Sara Henderson,
Irene Humbach,
Mary Hynes
Elana Klugman,
Susan Krcmar,
Barbara Landis, Carmen Leahy,
Robert Leaver,
Lois Livi,
Terrie Look,
Cornelius Matteo,
Jeanne Merkel,
Eleanor Milardo,
Jane Moody,
Kay Moore,
Holly Nelson-Johnson,
Traci Nichols,
Katie O'Brien,
Jim O'Dowd,
Lisa Pinto,
Karen Porterfield,
Jodi Prinzivalli,
Marie Robinson, Robert S. Rosengard at WJFF,
Mildred Seaborn,
Dianne Seaman,
Gloria Serena,
Peggy Short,
Maureen Squires,
Donna Stein,
Steve Steinwedel,
Ken Stier,
Mary Thunder,
Jeff Trilling,
Christine Lewis-Varley,
Donna Vigiard,
Julie Weber,
Dianne Weisselberg,
Elizabeth Wood,

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