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Re: National Remembrance Day

Laura/AV thanks so much for including Gerrick. If some of you don't already know check out parents of murdered childrens website, if your child is not on there, you can add them.

Re: National Remembrance Day

Laura and AV
Thanks so much for including my Josh. This year was the first year my city celebrated this day. We put our loved ones shoes on the stage rim and held our loved ones pictures as we spoke about them. My granddaughter broke down with so much emotion (she hardly ever cries about her daddy) I am stuck again between extreme longing for him and anger in the way he was taken. I lit a candle and thought of my Josh and all our loved ones in heaven. God Bless

Re: National Remembrance Day

Beautiful collages, thank you. As I was at the POMC in DelCo I want you to know I thought of all our angels and how senselss this all is and what an awful way to meet wonderful people and be a part of a wonderful organization, though we all know we never want new members, but seems that this life we live in is filled with so much evil and hate I see so much on the news anymore it just breaks my heart and then to see new moms here, it's just so sad.

We shall never forget.