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I am sorry that you are being put through this B.S. it is really unreal the lengths the families will go through to try to convince everyone that their "loved one" is NOT a Murderer. The police were there when the last shot was fired(the one that he used on himself) and still his family says "Don't you want to know the truth??? Don't you want to know who really did this??? The neighbor held a rifle pointed at the door from the time the first shot was fired and held it there and waited for 911. He said he was going to kill him if he stepped out either door. The neighbor though he had killed the children too. So how can anyone get out anywhere?? Then I recieved threatning letters telling me that they know every move I make and that they know of ANY changes in the family. I had to ask the police to visit his sister and tell her NO CONTACT!!!! in order to get peace. Somehow there needs to be something done about the families of Murder victims being put through this S---. Does anyone have any ideas???? The he-- that we go through and will continue to go through is enough without the continuous painful jabs and acts. I send my love to each and everyone.

Love Cindy Monica's Mom


They treat us like we did something to THEM. We didn't ask their relative to kill our child and put us through living hell. His brother was banned from the courthouse after taking pictures of us in the hallway after a pre trial date that ended up being continued. The detective saw him and took his phone away. He had pictures of me, the DDA, the detective, and the witnesses. It scared one witness very much and we were told that they would ban him from the court but that they couldn't do anything else. BULL they should have done something because there are signs posted about not taking pictures and it was an intimidation and it worked. Was he planning to make a scrap book for Weston? Did he need our pictures for it? THEN he showed up at the next pre trial and we had to ask them to remove him. He thumbed his nose at the court and showed up anyway. This last Christmas, a few days before I got a call at work asking me if I was Kaylin's mom, and if she was the same Kaylin who was found dead in the ravine. I called who I thought it was and got the voice mail and I KNOW who it was. I let the DDA and detective know and they said well we can't PROVE it. Hell yeah we can. Phone records. They allow them to intimidate and tell us that we have to get restraining orders or stuff like that. They should NOT be allowed to treat us like that and they should be punished for it. It was THEIR relative who put us all in this situation.


some people are so stupid.at one of my daughters killers hearings two of his sisters were actually wearing shirts with the killers picture on it saying "free vincent" i thought id rip their heads off. they also were treating us like we did something wrong. whats wrong with these people.. i cant even believe another person would go through the same ignorant behavior as i did. they called me names they still talk *&^% about it. they said i killed my daughter when she was taken off life support. they are sick individuals and god dont like ugly. i am so sorry you have to go through that it makes the whole process even harder.


OMG I cannot even imagine how they could support him killing a baby. What kind of excuse do they think he should have for that? He was a grown man who killed an innocent baby. I guess seeing that from his family, you know where that evil came from. He hid it well from you for those years. I just don't even understand how his family could support that. They are mad at you because as long as you kept her on life support he wouldn't be charged with murder. I cannot imagine it was easy to remove her from it. I cannot even imagine having to make that decision though I have a few friends who did have to. I am so sorry that cowardly person put you in that position.
I used to say that I never wanted anyone to have to feel this because it would mean losing their child themselves. I don't say that anymore. Maybe the "justice" system has jaded me because it did not give Kaylin justice. I do wish that the mothers of murderers who do not tell their child to accept responsibility for their actions would have to feel this. A family who is truly sorry for what their child did and who tells them they have to pay for it and they will be there through it for them, I wouldn't say that about, but those whose families add to our pain by hurting us, I do wish it. After going through this system and seeing how no one cares about the victim and seeing that the killers have all the rights, well I don't think it is right. The coward who killed Kaylin never showed one moment of remorse. His defense was that he panicked. Yeah after 12 hours he panicked and then got over it in time to go swimming at his friends house so he could pick up some girls. Selective panicking I guess. It is frightening to me that he has no remorse at all. That is just scary.
We wore the shirts Shirley made for us to sentencing and I don't think they liked it but I DON"T CARE!!!


yeah and they acted like i even had a choice to keep her on support. Laycee was beaten so badly her head was so swollen that she suffered brain death before she reached the hospital.I do hope that they do somehow get paid back for how they were. The bad part is i was really close to all his family before this all happened, and they still reacted in the most ignorant ways possible.