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Re: Questions for MOMS

Sorry to hear another mom is going down this road
they call murder.You will find that all the thoughts
you will have ,some of us have thought the same thing.
You are not alone.We have been going down this road for almost 11 years. We still have bad days . Hang in there. May God be with your family.

Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

Re: Questions for MOMS

my prayers are with you joann hubert so sorry

Re: Questions for MOMS

Dearest Jill,

I'm so sorry that you have lost your son to murder.
You didn't tell us his name.

My son Wesley was stabbed to death July 19, 2004. He lived in Oregon and I in Utah. I called the District Attorneys office in Grants Pass and stumbled on to the Victims Advocate Ladies. They were a godsend to me and were helpful in every way possible. They sent me copies of the police reports, assisted with finding answers to every question I had, and even came with me to court. With all the advice and links and everything Deb Wiley told you, you should find yourself in good hands soon.

I'm glad you found us! I can't imagine how
much worse my life would be if I hadn't been able to
share my tears and grief with everyone here. ONLY they know how I feel. Please continue to visit, there is a lot of support and most of all understanding here.
Karen Wes's mom

Re: Questions for MOMS

Hi Jill, I'm sorry I missed your call. I was at my sister's. I tried calling you but no luck getting in touch. I will call again. I have thought a lot about you and I know what you mean about not getting mad. It has been almost 3 years since Keara was murdered and I have spent most of the time being so traumatized and so incredibly sad, rather than mad. I hope that we will be able to speak soon and I will do whatever I can to help you even if it's just to listen. Again I am so sorry that your son's life was taken.