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Re: Just something I am working on

WOW! Laura you are so talented.

Re: Just something I am working on

Oh I just love the idea of these pictures, and OMG that picture you have of me is so old LOL, can I send you a newer one? It's of me and my boys at Christmas 2005 (of course I don't have any from 2006!) but it's a pretty decent picture I hate pics of me, LOL, but I just found these pics on a camera not to long aga and am in the process of making a slide show of Timmy from when he was a baby until he passed. I'll e-mail it to you if that's ok. Then you guys will have to tell me how to paste these on to the memorial page, do I just link it in? I've done some kimi's before. Maybe I'll try and figure it out on my own LOL

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: Just something I am working on

I will most definitely use that picture it is great. Once you get the pictures in your camera you should be able to add them to Timmys photo album through the edit site tab on his page. It will just ask you to select pictures and then you should be able to upload them. Let me know if you need help when you are ready and I would be glad to help you with them. I am glad you liked the "kimis" and hope to see you in the chat room real soon.

Re: Just something I am working on

Updated version of Kimi

Re: Just something I am working on

Dear Laura,

Thank you so much for doing this, they are beautiful.
I am touched and can't thank you enough. Like Patricia said, I'm not smart enough either and don't know about all this but I really appreciate you putting my son Gerrick in those wonderful pictures.

Who is the handsome young man on the bottom right side
and what is he holding? (I think I need new reading glasses.) I'm refering to the same picture that my son is on. Is there a way to list our childrens' names, even if only here on the message board? I recognize most, but I haven't posted here in a long time and I am so sorry to see so many new MOMS here.

Laura, thank you again. You are amazing, especially since your Lisa was just taken from you so recently.
You are both in my thoughts and remain in my heart.

Love from Gerrick's Mom, Diane

Re: Just something I am working on

Thank you for the compliments but I cannot accept them. I learned this all from who else but my teenagers, Lisa, Kelly, Melanie & our other adopted daughter Katy. They have walked me through these and stop my head from banging on the desk many times--lol. I am glad you like them and I just sent you one with the names and I stopped the "blinking" so you can read them! Let me know how you like them and if you like them better I will change the others ones. It will be like Christmas some of us who prefer "blinking" and some of are "non-blinkers". Take care Diane. I am looking into the webpage thing. Kim has one for Kaylin (Mathews)...Have you seen it? Didn't know if that is something like what you are searching for. Take Care. Laura

Re: Just something I am working on

I forget Nicky is holding two very small puppies that get even smaller when you shring the picture--lol. It has nothing to do with intelligence when it comes to these computers but more of stubborness and gluttony as to who is going to win! Me of some machine!
Take Care.

Re: Just something I am working on

I'm adding it to Kaylin's page this weekend. I will be working on her page over the weekend and doing more kimi's. i love them. I just need to learn how to do my own. I love all of the pics Laura. Thanks.