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Re: ernest n craytonIII

HI MOM'S i see you moms have felt the same way i have felt i am so glad that the court stuff is over well for the most cause one defendant is still going to trial so it is not over but i was assured that he would never walk on this case he just did not think he would be found guilty and he started the whole thing it was him who obtained the vehicle and picked up the horrible piece of s--- to go and kill someone and that someone turned out to be my child ernest i felt something in my heart when i read that from the juror if i sat on the jury i too would have not forgotten about this young man either ernest was a very good son and i am out of words to say how i feel moms realize what graphic pics they show the jurors i sat behind the screen which was close to the prosecutors table i just happen to glance at the prosecutors lap top and he was going thru photos and i saw ernest laying on the coroners table so i know the jury saw these photos and more graphic ones that one pic stayed in my mind i wanted so bad to scream out ernest's name but i could not i would like to ask tony the juror what really motivated the jury to come to their decision i have lots of questions and after the verdict the jury was lead out and thats when victim impact statements could be read but the jury were in the hallway when i left and they were kind of standoffish which i could understand that is really serious to sit on a murder trial and decide someones fate but with all the ****ing evidence against these two animals there was no way it was nothing else but guilty guilty guilty and i wished i could of personally thanked each and everyone of the jurors myself but hopefully i will get to talk to tony the one juror who still had ermest on his mind god bless him he has a heart and it was not just him doing jury duty, i hope all you mom's who are going to court keep your head up and dont be afraid i said boy ernest being murdered gave me so much courage that if it would have been any mess at that courthouse i think they would of dragged me out of that place to keep me from ripping their relatives heads off. should they have made me go there. my son is the victim and these animals are predators. why would their family be upset perhaps because the monsters got caught stand strong moms hugs to all