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Re: wanting to know more about how my baby died

Reading over all of what you MOMS are going through or have been through. You all are incredibly strong.
I was just sent a small report from the Coroner and it did not say much. But that was all I could handle.
For us we knew that the more we saw the harder it would be for us not to get angry and we both knew in order to help the kids through what they saw we had to keep anger out of it. The kids have told us everything that went on that night and it is so hard to hear about her begging for her and her childrens lives. And how after he shot her the third time he kicked her and tried to shove her under the bed. That is all I want to deal with. Please know that I pray for you all for God to give you the strength for the way you all need to handle your childs murder how ever it may be. You all are incredible MOMS. Your children are so proud of you!!!

Love and Prayers

Cindy Monica's Mom