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Re: wanting to know more about how my baby died

i sent a request to the coroners office yesterday and they said to make sure i send a return address and the will contact me about how much it will cost i am up and down on this situation do i or don't i want to know because my heart is allready shattered knowing he is gone from me and i cant help my baby, protect him from those evil ugly monsters and their faces were the last thing he saw i hope he heard his older brother pleading with him to breathe and live while they were loading him into the paramedics van. this is so overwhelming thanks to all you mom's here. cheryl

Re: wanting to know more about how my baby died

i did not have to pay for hubert reports thank god,it is so sad to have to do this my prayers are with allof you moms

Re: wanting to know more about how my baby died

We are still waiting for Kaylin's report to have the hold removed so we can get it. The coroner said he would go over it with us so we can understand it. I just wonder how long we are going to have to wait.
When can you get the copies of the investigation? I want everything. Even if I can't (and I don't think I will be able to now) look at it right away, there may come a time when I can and I want to be able to have the info when I am ready for it. Right now, I want to know everything. I think mainly because we know barely anything.

Re: wanting to know more about how my baby died

Kim, you won't be able to know anymore about the investigation than they can give you. Right now they will and can say little to nothing. We did the greatest part of our own investigation and when I would tell the detective what we found out he was nice but very closed lipped about wheather or not they had the same info. In the end after Wes's, body was recovered( three weeks after the murder) and the two boys were caught he let me know a little bit more.
One thing I did do was let my detective know was, who my son was and I gave him a picture of Wes, to put on his deck to remind him daily who he was fighting for.
When it came to trial, they had over a 100 wittnesses for the defence. They traced the young mens every movement and called on everyone they had contact with from the time they murdered my son until we went to trial, even inmates that were in jail with them. They never once let us know any of this. I found out more from my advocate who was kind enough to keep us up to date as much as she could without putting her job in jeprogy.
I know this is hard for you and it may be different in the state you are in, what information they can and can't give you, so don't be afraid to ask.
You are in my thoughts and prayers
Kayt, Wes Matheson's mom

Re: wanting to know more about how my baby died

I keep telling myself to be patient, but it consumes my every thought most days. We are in LA county and I get afraid they will forget her. I think the fact that I had to hear about her being found dead on the news and them not coming to notify me until 1:30 in the morning, when she was found about 11:00 a.m less then 5 miles from my home makes me not trust them 100%. I had to call them to ask them if it was my daughter. I just feel like I am in limbo. I did email the detective a picture of her. I also told him that she was my daughter and that I was not going away. Right now I call once a week for updates. I don't get much and I do understand that. I think a large part of it is that I play mind games with myself, worrying, what if they don't do anything? what if the guy gets a slap on the wrist? what if...what if? The detective is very nice and tells me I can call anytime and I know he would tell me what he could and I do not want him to tell me anything that could hurt her case. I am just praying for the day they call and tell me something. The location they found her was all over the news, but I wanted to know exactly where they found her. They wouldn't return my calls for that, so I had to go to the Sheriff's station in person. They did take me and show me where she was found, but not until I went up there prepared to wait until they did.

Re: wanting to know more about how my baby died

Reading over all of what you MOMS are going through or have been through. You all are incredibly strong.
I was just sent a small report from the Coroner and it did not say much. But that was all I could handle.
For us we knew that the more we saw the harder it would be for us not to get angry and we both knew in order to help the kids through what they saw we had to keep anger out of it. The kids have told us everything that went on that night and it is so hard to hear about her begging for her and her childrens lives. And how after he shot her the third time he kicked her and tried to shove her under the bed. That is all I want to deal with. Please know that I pray for you all for God to give you the strength for the way you all need to handle your childs murder how ever it may be. You all are incredible MOMS. Your children are so proud of you!!!

Love and Prayers

Cindy Monica's Mom