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Re: That night

It has been almost 11 years Billy Lee has been gone . He was also told I don't want you & no one else is going to have you.He was also told by his daughter he was worth more dead than alive to them.Ihope she thinks about how she talked to him. Idon't think she does tho. Billy Lee adopted her
when he & her mother got married. He always said he chose to be her father.She didn't chose him. He
always loved her as he did his own child.

Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

Re: That night

It is ironic how all of our tragedies have so much in common. I was talking to my advocate/counselor--her daughter was murdered many years ago. I didn't bring it up she did--her daughter in the days prior to her death she was acting differently--afraid. One example was she thought a car was going to veer off and hit her when they were walking down the road. I then asked her if she thought that her daughter had a premonition. Then I asked her if she had known did she think she could have prevented it. She boldly said NO--I would never try to play God. Lisa had gotten a black widow tattoo and a butterfly one (we never heard about the butterfly and found it in digital camera--only one person ever saw it). She also wrote a butterfly poem that the Dean read at her college during the memorial service. Just another thing that makes me wonder if they do somehow know and no matter what we could not have prevented this. I know I will still question myself everyday and wish I could and would have done things different. Take Care. Laura