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Re: 1 more day in court

So happy that he got 40 years. From what I have heard he is not going to have a good life he will have to watch his back. You go girl you follow that van and watch him begin his new life in prison. And I am glad that you found a way to keep up with where he is at.
The people in the Court Room needs to see Jimmy's picture to see just what what taken from him and his family. Shirley we are proud of your strength.

Love and Prayers
Cindy Monica's Mom

Re: 1 more day in court

I hope they give him the max, and I hope this gives you even a little bit of peace or comfort in your heart. You are a very strong person, and a wonderful mom, Jimmy is very proud of you.

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: 1 more day in court

Good Luck Shirley...that poem is perfect! When I hear of Pleas or Sentencing I think of how my daughter begged for her life & offered him money (and then stabbed the MF in the head!) and her pleas were ignored as he admitting saying, I want to kill you not rob you. In fact the chicken-sh*t coward bast*** claims to have watched her die. I am sure this has something to do with his insanity defense. When sentencing comes and their families do all their begging and pleading the judge/jury should just listen and then tell them, You took away a precious life and sentenced the family to a life of a pain so deep no one can even begin to understand so for the sake of justice we want you to die", and when they turn to walk away then kill them right their in front of their families--that might be deterrent and the sentencing would be fair. I am a little bitter and unrealistic but then again so is our court system when they allow these three ring circus shows they call trials. Good Luck...you will be in our thoughts and prayers as all you moms always are.
Laura, Vic & Our Girls