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Re: son murderd

God bless and I'll definitely be in touch. Youngxella@yahoo.com

Re: son murderd

Hi my name is Robin my son Michael was murdered on 08/01/2015 I am feeling the same ass you may be if we talk to each other we can get through this to gather most of my support have not had a child that has been murdered so they would not understand me

Re: son murderd

ok, i'm hoping someone can help me...my son had a stroke at age 56, it left him paralized on the left side, a friend who had no family came to help take care of him, he took good care of him, his wife did nothing to help him, she would get him up, after he begged her for an hr. put him in a chair and go back to bed for the day, would not take him to see a dr. or get him any help...this friend came and went, then he started having health problems of his own and couldn't do much, so my son was either in a chair by himself, or in bed...he eventually got his speech back and could feed himself, if it were cut into bites, and he could use the computer and his phone...he sent me messages every day on the computer and we kept in contact even though we lived 1500 miles apart...on nov. 23,2016, his friend went into his bedroom and shot him right through the heart and killed him. He is gone, and i am having trouble believing that because i wasn't around when he was killed..he is just gone, to me, not dead...someone please help me...and on top of that my dear brother was found dead two months later...