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Re: I love you ladies

just wanted to say I think of Chris with every breathe I take and have alot to work thru still. I struggle alot to try and move forward daily. I don't know how I would have made it without my practice and sanga. My sanga or meditation group they care without even knowing and they care about all of you...they are a very nice group who know about suffering.
Didn't want you all to think I'd come up with a cure for grief...maybe another way to look at it and maybe come to see it's an everlasting gift of love from our children...I miss Chris more than I could ever put into words but you all know. I can touch my pain in a second no problem
I am sorry for the new moms thrown on this path, Shirley said the pain will soften and she is very right...the sharpness of our loss is gentler now but we know how sharp the blade really is so touch it gently and love yourself.
Try and keep your heart open which isn't all that easy now.....
I'm glad I stopped in but it is so hard to see here how screwed up people are to kill another and how it just continues...sucks to know more grieve such a painful loss. xo