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Re: Brandy's Birthday

Darien....Brandy's angel day is Dec. 21st. It will be 1 year since she was murdered. I want to apologize to everyone because I haven't been on the website much. I have been having some really rough times for a while now. I broke my ankle and pulled the ligaments in it so I have been in a splint and then a cast for 12 weeks. My depression seemed to get worse during this time. We decided to put my granddaughter back in public school about 3 weeks ago and she seems to be doing better being around kids again. The doctor put her back her antidepressant she told her aunt that she just couldn't handle things anymore. I know how she has felt because I haven't felt up to talking to anyone at all. We were suppose to have a trial Nov. 13th but the judge on the case postponed all of his cases until Jan. 28, 2013 so we have to wait some more to see the creep pay for he did to Brandy and our family. The holidays are going to be so hard to go through. :( Please forgive me if you post a reply and I don't answer you back. I will eventually.