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Brandy's Birthday

This Sunday (Oct. 14) will be my precious daughter, Brandy's, 34th birthday. We are having a birthday celebration of her life party with her several of her family and friends as this was what we were advised to do by my granddaughters' counselors. They say that it is better to still celebrate so that she doesn't think we have forgotten her mama. It is so not right that we have to celebrate Brandy's birthday and her not here. I pray the POS that took her life goes to trial Nov.13th like they say he will. Some days are just so hard to get through as her birthday and the day she was murdered gets closer by.

Re: Brandy's Birthday

I think it is a good idea we always celebrate My Jim's life on his Birthday. Even though it is a very hard day for us it is one of the ways we can keep our angels memories alive.
Love and Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: Brandy's Birthday

Brandy's birthday was a bittersweet day. Several of her friends came by to help us celebrate her heavenly birthday. The cake was beautiful and my granddaughter blew out the candles that she had put on the cake for her mama. As she blew out the candles, everyone sung happy birthday to Brandy. I cried off and on all that day. She should have been there with us. Her daddy is always asking whyI am crying, it is as if he doesn't have a clue.

Re: Brandy's Birthday

Sherry, I am so sorry I missed Brandy's Birthday. I had it on my calendar and forgot to look! We always celebrate Keara's Birthday also and it is definitely bittersweet. This year my Grandson didn't even want to go! When is Brandy's angel day?

Re: Brandy's Birthday

Looks like Brandy's birthday was October 14, Darien. God bless you, Sherry, for getting through it with grace and style... and tears.

Last December 14, we had Rachel's 23rd birthday without her. She was our Celebration Angel and was THE holiday spirit every holiday and birthday. She made me a beautiful 2011 calendar for Christmas 2010 (two months before she was killed) and, weirdly, she had forgotten to denote any of the holidays on the entire calendar (and she was a detail freak). I can only guess that her soul knew we wouldn't be interested in any holidays in 2011....

But I digress. On the day that her killer was finally sentenced to prison, December 8, 2011 (he'd received 20 years, all suspended, but violated his probation in numerous ways during the week after his original sentencing hearing), two days before Rachel's fiancé's funeral (cancer) and six days before what SHOULD HAVE BEEN Rachel's 23rd birthday, I suddenly knew exactly what I wanted to do with her Columbia coat I'd bought for her when she was 19, as well as the expensive hooded sweatshirt she'd wanted and received for her 22nd birthday: I wanted to burn them. They'd been in my living room, wrapped in more and more Febreeze bags over the previous 10 months due to the ever-increasing decadent smell of her blood on them, and I couldn't bear to throw them away.

One of her coworkers had a huge backyard with a firepit, and her manager doused the coats in gasoline. We stood and watched them burn to ashes. Some of her coworkers had a big butterfly cake made with cupcakes with Rachel's edible picture (the same picture on the memorial pages here). We ate the cupcakes around Rachel's picture; nobody could bear to take a part of her face, which is stored in my freezer. Her three younger siblings blew out the candles. We wrote messages on five red heart helium balloons and sent them off to her in the dark, over the fire pit still burning with the ashes of her coats.

And that night, though I didn't think I'd be able to do it, I felt... propelled... by something other than myself to put up the Christmas tree, as we did every year as part of Rachel's birthday celebration, only this tree had nothing but angel ornaments with two of them that had Rachel's and Andy's (fiancé) names on them. And I cried myself to sleep.

To be sure, we do laugh a lot when reminiscing about Rachel, as she was one of the funniest people we've ever known. My laughter always turns to tears and sobs....

We're coming up on Andy's one-year death anniversary and what SHOULD BE Rachel's 24th birthday, and my heart is breaking. I just don't see how I can do this again, but I know I will. It's as if my body gets taken over by my beautiful daughter's spirit, and I do things I wouldn't remotely think I could do.

Re: Brandy's Birthday

Darien....Brandy's angel day is Dec. 21st. It will be 1 year since she was murdered. I want to apologize to everyone because I haven't been on the website much. I have been having some really rough times for a while now. I broke my ankle and pulled the ligaments in it so I have been in a splint and then a cast for 12 weeks. My depression seemed to get worse during this time. We decided to put my granddaughter back in public school about 3 weeks ago and she seems to be doing better being around kids again. The doctor put her back her antidepressant she told her aunt that she just couldn't handle things anymore. I know how she has felt because I haven't felt up to talking to anyone at all. We were suppose to have a trial Nov. 13th but the judge on the case postponed all of his cases until Jan. 28, 2013 so we have to wait some more to see the creep pay for he did to Brandy and our family. The holidays are going to be so hard to go through. :( Please forgive me if you post a reply and I don't answer you back. I will eventually.