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Re: My fight for justice!

I am sorry about your son and we all feel your pain. Our daughter Lisa Maas was also stabbed to death twice in the heart as well as other wounds but the heart wounds were the ones that took her. We were also told it was 2 minutes or less from the time she was stabbed that she died and that matched everything else because the police were there in minutes. I am sorry there is so much more in your son's death you seem to be dealing with. Lisa's killer was a mental patient who told his Dr.s he was going to kill someone and they did nothing...she didn't even know him. This too is where I can relate as we are still trying to hold the hospital accountable for their negligence so it wouldn't happen again but it has. Another UPMC mental patient, that doctors were warned of, walked in the hospital and shot 6 people killing one before he was shot and killed by police. It is so frustrating no one cares if anyone does their jobs anymore even if it means people dying. I can only say this about ever getting anywhere in your quest for some sort of justice perhaps the media like nightline or 20/20 might be worth a chance to tell your son't story and all the lengths you have gone too. I have thought of it before but due to the pending lawsuit we have and the fact that everyone even the media runs and hides when you say mental health I think it might just frustrate me more and frankly after 4 years I don't know how much more I can take. I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am for what you are and have been going through....Laura