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My fight for justice!

.Nothing is more sacred than a mother's love for her child.
I've been chasing justice since my son was murdered in the street of Virginia MN. on Dec 19th 2009.
I' am not only suppose to live with the fact that my only child was murdered in a horiffic way, but I' am also suppose to live with the fact that if the officers would have done thier job my son would still be here with his family.
The Police Officers Nickila, Estey,Mettler and Lt. Hanson were working that night, lied in their reports about what really happened the night my son was stabbed to death. I have the cell phone calls to 911 my evidence shows that they didn't arrive on the scene until after 2:41 they all stated in their reports that they arrived at 2:25 If they would have been there at 2:25 my son would still be here with me. Keep in mind that my son was stabbed in the arm, then in the stomach, then when he was down Russell jumped on top of him and stabbed him twice in the heart. The officers said he died 40 min. after he was stabbed. I have a letter from the Doc. that did Jamie's autopsy that states he would have lived maybe a couple min. after the stab wounds to the heart.
The Virginia Ambulance and the Hospital are also involed in the cover up, (they commited fraud).I have the hospital Bill they collected on.
The Virginia Court House is also involed in the cover up, the murderer Robert Russell was only sentensed to 14yrs for unintentional murder,when it was very much intentional, the two accomplices walked away with nothing. They were all on probation before the assult.
I have been thrown many obsticals and unimaginable heartache by the justice system-in Virginia MN, they treated me so badly every time I left the court house I was in tears, because I wanted my concerns and evidence of a horrible injustice looked into and they just ignored me and so I contacted the (MN Board of Peace Officers Standards and Training) Paul Monteen & Neil Melton, Executive Director sent the Virginia Police Department a letter to have my concerns investigated within thirty days. That gave me some hope, but then I recived a letter from the Police Department stating they found nothing to show any misconduct of the officers. The only thing wrong is that they investigated themselves so of course they wouldn't find anything. I called Paul Monteen to let him no that and he didn't seem to care that they didn't have an outside investigator. He told me theres nothing more they can do and he had more importent cases to work on. I then contacted the (Office of Justice Programs Crime Victim Services) and spoke with Suzanne Elwell. She acted like she was going to help me and after I sent her all my information. She treated me with such disrespect she told me that I wasn't a person of importance so she would'nt be able to help me. I then contacted: the (Mayor Steve Peterson) and he refused to see my evidence, (Mayer Don Ness) with no response, (State Representative Tom Rukavina) refused to see me or my evidence, (State Senator David Tomassoni) told me in a letter to contact (St. Louis County Attorney Mark Rubin) he also refused to see me or my evidence, sent an e-mail to the (City council members of Virginia) and I recived no response, (Attorney General Lori Swanson) she wrote a letter telling me who to contact but she wasn't able to help me, (ACLU Chuck Samulson) sent my information and was refused help, (Detective Tim Koivunen) of the Virginia Police Dep. (He did the investigation) and refused to help me, (Detective Dennis Benz) of the Virginia Police Dep. refused to see me or my evidence,(Thomas Butorac) City Attorney refused to see me or my evidence, (John Tourville) City Operations Director refused to help me, (Michale Kearney) Civil Law Lawyer for Virginia also refused to see me or my evidence.I also contacted the( FBI) and talked with( Special Agents) (Craig Heidenreich) and( Timothy D. Ball) at a meeting I gave them my information and the evidence of the horrible injustice. After three weeks of examining my information without contacting me they showed up at my door with my papers and told me they would not be able to help me.I asked for something in writting and they would not do that either. All of these Goverment workers might as well be right on top of my son with Robert Russell stabbing him. The truth is in the evidence and they are all doing thier best to protect the wrongful misconduct of the Police Officers, Hospital, Ambulance, and the Court House of Virginia. The mental anguish and the pain and suffering they put me through, I feel like we were very much discreminated against. Jamie and I are not from Virginia and if your not born and raised here you do not matter, thats thier mentality here in Virginia, MN. As long as I have a breath, I am commited to making the TRUTH be known. Prove me wrong and I will be silenced. Where are my RIGHTS? I guess I'm not in the right tax bracket to be heard.
If anyone can help me get justice please, please help me!!

Re: My fight for justice!

I am sorry about your son and we all feel your pain. Our daughter Lisa Maas was also stabbed to death twice in the heart as well as other wounds but the heart wounds were the ones that took her. We were also told it was 2 minutes or less from the time she was stabbed that she died and that matched everything else because the police were there in minutes. I am sorry there is so much more in your son's death you seem to be dealing with. Lisa's killer was a mental patient who told his Dr.s he was going to kill someone and they did nothing...she didn't even know him. This too is where I can relate as we are still trying to hold the hospital accountable for their negligence so it wouldn't happen again but it has. Another UPMC mental patient, that doctors were warned of, walked in the hospital and shot 6 people killing one before he was shot and killed by police. It is so frustrating no one cares if anyone does their jobs anymore even if it means people dying. I can only say this about ever getting anywhere in your quest for some sort of justice perhaps the media like nightline or 20/20 might be worth a chance to tell your son't story and all the lengths you have gone too. I have thought of it before but due to the pending lawsuit we have and the fact that everyone even the media runs and hides when you say mental health I think it might just frustrate me more and frankly after 4 years I don't know how much more I can take. I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am for what you are and have been going through....Laura