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Re: Visiting Brandy's Grave for Mother's Day

Sherry - I am so glad things are looking up a little for Dale. Her mother is watching her accomplishments - cheering her on and loving her every minute of every day - don't let her forget that... I am glad that she enjoyed the camp and seemed to get alot out of it! Maybe that program will do her good - someone to spend some time with outside of the family - might do her some good! And great job to Dale for working so hard to try and recover her grades and get excellence certificates! That is fantastic! I am so proud of her!!! Thoughts and love to all of you!

Re: Visiting Brandy's Grave for Mother's Day

Michelle....I know that you are right...Brandy is cheering Dale on with everything she is doing. Dale has been staying next door at my other daughter's trailer since Friday. I am so proud of Dale. Last night she texted one of the girls that she met at Camp Magik. This young girl was having a really hard day yesterday and told Dale that no one loved her. Dale texted her for a really long time and finally the girl was in better spirits. Dale told her Aunt Dawn that going to camp helped her understand that here were others that were grieving and sometimes needed someone who understood their pain. She reached out to help without being told to. How is your daughter doing? I hope that she is doing okay in school. How did your day go when you gave your impact statement? I hope the a**hole got the maxiamum sentence. My thoughts and prayers were with you that day as ever day. Sending my love to you and your family.