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Re: Murder of Brandy 12-21-11

Sherry - I am so sorry that things are still so hard with your granddaughter. I was hoping that she was doing ok - but who can... I can really not imagine what she is going through losing her mom like that... It is very strange how the gods have linked us... both our children were taken on the same day and now I see that we both have major court dates on March 19! The Pre-trial for my sons killer is March 19 and the trial is due to start on April 11... It is strange how the world works... I will obviously be thinking of you on that day as I have every day... Be strong - life sucks - but right now I am so focused on making sure that he pays for what he did that it makes it just a tad easier to get through the day. Much love to you!!!

Re: Murder of Brandy 12-21-11

Yes Michelle it really is. I will be thinking of you that day also. I have been crying just about everyday this week and can't seem to stop. I am having to make some decisions about my marriage along with the other that is going on. I feel like I am going crazy. My husband keeps accusing me of having a boyfriend because I get on the computer. Our youngest daughter and her husband took a trip to Indiana this week and I have been trying to stay in contact with her over facebook. Sometimes I wish I could just get away from everything for a few days too. If it wouldn't be so traumatic for Dale, I would leave her with my daughter for a couple of days and go stay with some friends. As it is whenever she goes to catch the bus in the mornings she always begs me not to leave her. Praying things get better for all of us soon.