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Re: Happy 29th Birthday Nicky

Happy Birthday Nicky!!!!!!

Boy do I hope that all of our sons and daughters are up there having fun and watching over us! My son was murdered by his roommate on Dec 21, 2011 and his 19th Birthday was Jan 26, 2012. Alot of the family and some of his friends all went out to his favorite restaurant to eat in his honor - I made his favorite birthday cake. We took him flowers to his grave with notes... We placed a happy birthday ad in our local small town newspaper. But that was his first birthday and the pain was so raw then... I honestly am afraid that in the years to come noone but us will celebrate - I so hope that does not happen. The pain is still so great! I saw another school shooting on the news this morning and the parents of one of the boys that was killed (he was 16) were being interviewed - the tears came right then... My heart goes out to everyone that has lost a child to violence... I hope that they are having fun and watching over us.... I just wish we had proof