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Re: Convicted

All I know to say is Thank GOD.Amen & Amen .Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

Re: Convicted

Thank you ladies for being here for us. A verdict we long awaited for. Now we are of course going after the hospital who let this coward walk the streets. Whether they admitted him or called the police either one of those actions could have saved Lisa's life but instead they chose to do nothing. Oh wait they did do something...the missing document we had to wait for on Monday...Well it stated they told him just 3 days before (after refusing him treatment 4 days before) that if he didn't stop coming to the hospital they would take away his food vouchers and his bus pass...So heartbreaking for us to actually hear that stated as facts and then they tried for almost 3 years to conceal that FACT! Our quest for justice is still ongoing until everyone is held accountable for what they did and what they didn't do! Laura/AV

Re: Convicted

They will Laura they will pay!!! and hopefull this will change things so not another person gets hurt because of negligence!!!! I know you will never give up and you are a strong person and Lisa's voice and she is always with you cheering you on!!!

Love you all