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Re: Felt singles - alternate versions/takes

Even though - as you correctly state - the "Primitive Painters" 12 inch was released in 1985 - this version of "Cathedral" was produced by John Leckie in 1984

I know the back cover states this but I can't find the image to hand - but scroll down for a picture of the label


and here is the cover of the original CD single - from this 'ere site.....


Re: Felt singles - alternate versions/takes

The line up on the label of "Cathedral" also confirms this is a pre-Martin Duffy recording

Purely surmisation - but given the line up and the producer - this could have been recorded during the sessions for "The Strange Idols Pattern And Other short Stories"- wonder if Mr Deebank could confirm this.....

Re: Felt singles - alternate versions/takes

Indeed it is 1984 and not 1985. As I said yesterday, I was not entirely sure and it was last night when I was having a little drink in the local that the facts that you have related came back to me, albeit somewhat vaguely. So I have returned to the forum today in order to correct matters. I also mentioned "Felt 5" yesterday, and this should have been, Felt 4. It does appear that I have messed up this time and it is best that we forget that I ever brought it up in the first place.

Thank you for your comments. Before we do forget about it, I must say that I also have in mind the vaguest of memories that Cathedral 2 was recorded at the same time as Felt 3. I could try and confirm it with Mr. D, but I have to say that I am finding it very difficult these days to get hold of him. We may have to leave things, therefore, as they are.

Re: Felt singles - alternate versions/takes

I am now going to make amends for my error with a correction that is of the same nature as the one that I thought I was bringing historical accuracy to bear on yesterday - only this time I AM sure about the facts. Again it involves a single digit discrepancy. I have seen somewhere on the internet LH saying that MD started in music aged 12; the correct age should be 11.

The king of nit-picking shall now fall into a humble silence.