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Re: Felt singles - alternate versions/takes

I know that it seems a bit fastidious, but I am fairly sure that the B-side recording of Cathedral was produced in 1985. Felt 5 came out in the second half of 1985, and, as you know, Primitive Painters was taken from it and released as the A-side. If Cathedral had been recorded in 1984, then it would have been at least 6 or 7 months before it could have been added to the P.P. single, and Felt would have made it all that time ahead of the intended final result, which does not seem feasible. I apologise for what seems like nit-picking, but my intentions are to afford completely accurate information regarding all matters pertaining to the history of this most important cell of musical genius, and I know that serious Felt lovers like yourselves (no unction intended) will appreciate historically accurate material.

Apropos of the intention to bring out a specialized recording of re-releases, again, I am pretty sure that this was never intended, and certainly not in Mr. Deebank's time. Further to this, he did tell me long ago when I asked him about the issue different recordings of the same songs, that the main reason why they were made was because they saw things that could be improved in certain songs, and therefore wanted to breath new life into them.

Re: Felt singles - alternate versions/takes

Even though - as you correctly state - the "Primitive Painters" 12 inch was released in 1985 - this version of "Cathedral" was produced by John Leckie in 1984

I know the back cover states this but I can't find the image to hand - but scroll down for a picture of the label


and here is the cover of the original CD single - from this 'ere site.....


Re: Felt singles - alternate versions/takes

The line up on the label of "Cathedral" also confirms this is a pre-Martin Duffy recording

Purely surmisation - but given the line up and the producer - this could have been recorded during the sessions for "The Strange Idols Pattern And Other short Stories"- wonder if Mr Deebank could confirm this.....

Re: Felt singles - alternate versions/takes

Indeed it is 1984 and not 1985. As I said yesterday, I was not entirely sure and it was last night when I was having a little drink in the local that the facts that you have related came back to me, albeit somewhat vaguely. So I have returned to the forum today in order to correct matters. I also mentioned "Felt 5" yesterday, and this should have been, Felt 4. It does appear that I have messed up this time and it is best that we forget that I ever brought it up in the first place.

Thank you for your comments. Before we do forget about it, I must say that I also have in mind the vaguest of memories that Cathedral 2 was recorded at the same time as Felt 3. I could try and confirm it with Mr. D, but I have to say that I am finding it very difficult these days to get hold of him. We may have to leave things, therefore, as they are.

Re: Felt singles - alternate versions/takes

I am now going to make amends for my error with a correction that is of the same nature as the one that I thought I was bringing historical accuracy to bear on yesterday - only this time I AM sure about the facts. Again it involves a single digit discrepancy. I have seen somewhere on the internet LH saying that MD started in music aged 12; the correct age should be 11.

The king of nit-picking shall now fall into a humble silence.