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Re: Bubblegum Perfume reissued with new track list

On further inspection (full tracklist on play.com)

the reissue does have 20 tracks, but with three changes to the original.....

Track 12 - "Tuesday's Secret" (replacing "A Wave Crashed On Rocks")

Track 14 - "Female Star" (replacing "Declaration")

(both the new tracks making their CD debut)

Track 15 - "Fire Circle" (replacing "Gather Up Your Wings And Fly")

("Fire Circle" previously released on CD as an untitled track on the "Creation Soup 5" compilation)

Re: Bubblegum Perfume reissued with new track list

This isn't the first Felt record I got but it is the one that made me fall in love with them. I'd read about Felt in the press around the time they broke up and intrigued by their story I bought Absolute Classic Masterpieces when it came out. I liked it enough to pick up the Cherry Red albums but I never bothered going further as I figured that with Deebank's departure the later albums wouldn't be as good. When the Record Collector article was published I was inspired to pick up Bubblegum Perfume. It was amazing. I remember playing it constantly, turning the record over and over. And such a gorgeous sleeve. The track listing on the spine! Consequently I hunted down the Creation records and Felt became an obsession that I have to this day. I just ordered this and am excited for the new tracks.

Re: Bubblegum Perfume reissued with new track list

This one has been a long time in the making. I remembered an article by a designer in the Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango book about redoing sleeves with Lawrence. I had a quick look, its on page 92 and is by Lora Findlay. Not sure when its written, but the final paragraph makes reference to re-designing and arguing with Lawrence Bubblegum Perfurme. At the time of writing they were 4 years in. Did Cherry Red just lose patience I wonder?!

Re: Bubblegum Perfume reissued with new track list

This now brings the Felt tracks still awaiting a CD appearance to three:-

Break It (although this is available on the "Absolute Felt" bootleg)

A Preacher In New England (Penelope Tree B-Side Version)
(The Cherry Red singles compilation "I'll Give You My Heart I'll Give You My Heart" includes the album version in error)

and inexplicably "Candles In A Church"

"Now Summer's Spread It's Wings Again" and "Buried Wild Blind" appear on label compilations (I'll Give You My Heart....." and "Creation Soup Volume 5" respectively) but have never appeared on CDs solely devoted to Felt.

And of course there's "Crucifix Heaven" which has the unique distinction of a Felt track disappearing from CD!