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Re: Little Loz (and Gary) fact

Indeed, Mr. Kalda, you are quite correct in describing a haybaler in the way that you have. It is a machine that is used to make oblong shaped blocks of hay. In a previous contibution to the forum I described "Haybaler" as a sobriquet (nickname) that Mr. Deebank invented for Mr. Hayward. Also, Mr Deebank had his own titles for Felt songs (quote possibly as a way of deliberatley rebelling against his colleague, but I am not sure). These facts seem to suggest that inventing words and expressions is just something that Mr. D likes to do - after all, only an ignoramus would suggest that Mr. D is not a creative sort of personality. Further to this, I offered the nickname information to the forum as I thought that it would be of interest. May I now confirm that Haybaler is a nickname invented for Mr. Hayward by Mr. Deebank - and yes, your analysis is correct when you say that there is word play involved (HAYward - HAYbaler). I know this to be true because I remember asking Mr. Deebank about the connection a very long time ago, and this is the explanation that I received.

Thank you for your communication seeking clarification.