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Re: Little Loz (and Gary) fact

This is another interesting story Nigel.
Most of your stories concerns facts about music creation, gigs or the musical relation between Felt members. This one's about their hobbies and how they hang together.

But Nigel pardon my english (well I'm portuguese as you know), I'm not getting the meaning of the reference to Lawrence as "Haybaler" (machinery used to compress a cut and raked hay)

Is this Lawrence's nickname, just a wordgame between Hayward and Haybaler? probably this expression can lead to a misinterpretation or confusion? (well...yes, to me at least).
At first I thought you were talking about another person, really. :) (a manager or a roadie)

As non-english speakers also read this Forum, and to prevent "lost in translation" situations, can I sugest everybody to adress others by their name or something like that.
As Nigel do sometimes: D.,LH,Loz,Moz,MD,Mr. Deebank or Lawrence,etc. seems a valid option that everybody can understand.

Thanks and keep on,

Re: Little Loz (and Gary) fact

Indeed, Mr. Kalda, you are quite correct in describing a haybaler in the way that you have. It is a machine that is used to make oblong shaped blocks of hay. In a previous contibution to the forum I described "Haybaler" as a sobriquet (nickname) that Mr. Deebank invented for Mr. Hayward. Also, Mr Deebank had his own titles for Felt songs (quote possibly as a way of deliberatley rebelling against his colleague, but I am not sure). These facts seem to suggest that inventing words and expressions is just something that Mr. D likes to do - after all, only an ignoramus would suggest that Mr. D is not a creative sort of personality. Further to this, I offered the nickname information to the forum as I thought that it would be of interest. May I now confirm that Haybaler is a nickname invented for Mr. Hayward by Mr. Deebank - and yes, your analysis is correct when you say that there is word play involved (HAYward - HAYbaler). I know this to be true because I remember asking Mr. Deebank about the connection a very long time ago, and this is the explanation that I received.

Thank you for your communication seeking clarification.