Ministry Affiliation or Host Application

If you are like minded with us, and agree with a great majority of our teachings, please fill out this form to be considered as a local minister in your area, to start a local congregation as a part of our ministry, or to host a congregation. We are seeking ministers, leaders and congregations in all areas of the world. You will not be paid by our ministry. This is a volunteer position (as called and ordained by God/Jesus) and must be approved by I Saw The Light Ministries to represent our ministry in agreement with the doctrines of the bible. This application will test to see how much truth you know and determine if we can work together. Please read much of the website before using this form.

Is it acceptable for people to raise their arms & hands in worship during Sabbath Services? *
Is Once Saved, Always Saved Correct? *
Is it a sin for women to wear cosmetics (make-up)? *
Is it always a sin for a man to have long hair? *
Are Tithes required in New Testament times? *
Is the Star of David pagan? *
Is Jehovah and Hallelujah acceptable words to use in our worship? *
Should the ministry have a large focus on Hebrew Roots? *
Will the USA be invaded? *
Where will the end time beast empire be from? *
Is the AOB (Alpha & Omega Bible) accurate? *
Is GOD a Trinity? *
Is the Catholic Church part of Babylon? *
Are you requesting to only HOST a congregation? Or to be Pastor or Deacon? *
Is Yeshua/Yahweh/Yah acceptable names for the Almighty Creator? *
Did Jesus cleanse pork and all other previously unclean meats? *
Are Christmas, Easter acceptable days or Pagan? *
Who do you believe is the Antichrist (Son of Perdition)? *
Does the Sabbath begin and end at Sunset or Sunrise? *
When will the saints be caught up into Heaven? *
Is Alcohol ALWAYS a sin? *
Do you support Israel? *
Have you ever hosted or led a congregation, worship assembly or bible study group? *
Have you ever served as a pastor or deacon? *
Do people go immediately to Heaven or a burning hell immediately at death? *
Have you been baptized by full immersion of water? *
Have you ever attended with WorldWide Church of GOD organization? *
Is smoking Pot/Weed a sin? *
Should a woman be allowed to sing in public worship services? *
Must a marriage between man and woman be officially recognized by the human government? with license, etc.? *
Can women wear pants that were made for women? *
Is it wrong/sinful to be a nudist/naturism who serves Jesus? *
Is Polygamy/marriage between 1 man but more than 1 wife a sin? *
Is it a sin for a grown male to be shirtless (barechested) in public? *
When do you believe Jesus will return? *
Is the KJV (and foreign translation of it) the ONLY acceptable Bible? *
Can there be a female deaconess? *
Are there still Apostles and Prophets in our time? *
Can a woman be a pastor of a congregation? *
Do you believe Billy Graham was part of Babylon? *
Should the ministry have a large focus on Torah? *
Should we lay on hands and anoint with oil? *
Can "Speaking in unknown tongues" be an acceptable gift in our time? *
When are you born again? *
What is Jesus? *
Is the Earth flat? *
Do you believe in Planet X Nibiru? *
Will wicked humans burn forever in hell? *
Who do you support the most? *
Is Homosexual activity a sin? *
Is Water Baptism Required? *
Must we observe Passover with communion and foot washing? Is this required? *
Is the Sabbath Observance required on the 7th Day of the Week as Saturday? *
Are "Christian, Lord, GOD, Christ", all acceptable words or pagan? *