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Please complete this form to show your interest in weekly 7th Day or Holy Day worship services or other gatherings of I Saw The Light Ministries. Please be sure to include correct contact information or else we will not be able to reply. You do not have to agree with 100% of everything we believe in, in order to visit or to gather with us for services. But we do need to know some basics about where you are currently in your walk & we do seek LIKE minded people. Thanks for understanding that we are looking out for your security as well as our own. Do NOT use this form for ANY other reason than to request to attend/gather/assemble with us.

Where do you want to attend? Scroll & click your nearest location. *
Do you accept JESUS as THE HOLY Name of The Christ/Saviour/Messiah? *
Do you believe that Saturday is the 7th Day Sabbath as required by the Ten Commandments? *
Do you believe that Saturday is the 7th Day Sabbath as required by the Ten Commandments? *
Which statement do you agree with the most about the Creator? *
Do you believe in Christmas and Easter? *
Do you believe that Salvation is available to all races including all Jews and also to all Gentiles? *
According to our Creator, In modern times, Are males required to be circumcised? *
Do you believe in Once Saved, Always Saved (also called Eternal Salvation)? *
Is smoking pot to get a buzz/high acceptable to The Creator? *
Did Jesus cleanse all animal meats & thereby make them acceptable for food? *
Which one do you believe is most likely to be the Son of Perdition (Antichrist)? *
How soon do you believe the Great Tribulation will begin? Please pick only one answer. *
Which one do you believe in the most concerning when the Saints enter Heaven? *
Is going to medical doctors or taking perscribed medicine on a daily basis for a medical need a form of sorcery? *
Should abortion be illegal because it's murder? *
Should homosexuals have the right to marry each other in same sex couples?