Cockatiel and Pet Bird Lost and Found Ads

Post a free ad here if you have either lost or found a cockatiel or other pet bird. Please include the date and location the bird was lost or found.

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Missing Michigan Cockatiel
Niko was lost July 15, 2021 in West Bloomfield, MI. He is less than a year old. We would love to see him returned and are offering a reward!!

Posted: Thu, 15 Jul. 2021
Expires: Fri, 15 Jul. 2022
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Lost Cockatiel in Dover, Pa
Lost Rico in Ashley Farms, Dover,PA at 6 PM on 4 July 2021. $100reward for anyone that can get it back to me.

Posted: Mon, 5 Jul. 2021
Expires: Sun, 3 Oct. 2021
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my cockatiel flew away behind fur Baby's Veterinary Hospital on 6/25/21. Please contact me at 732-233-4390 if found.

Posted: Sun, 27 Jun. 2021
Expires: Sat, 25 Sep. 2021
Lost white & gray Cockateil
I lost my cockateil named Nate from Carriage Rowe in Duluth, GA. He is very shy but may land in your shoulder. If sighted please call 404-202-9211.


Posted: Mon, 14 Jun. 2021
Expires: Sun, 12 Sep. 2021
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Lost gray Cockatiel Bird - Reward
We LOST our Bird Pipo -FL Miami/Doral area our Cockatiel Bird on MAY 17 .He’s gray w white ,yellow crest with orange circle on the cheeks. Reward offered $$$
Any information please (305)927-7446

Posted: Sat, 12 Jun. 2021
Expires: Fri, 10 Sep. 2021
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Lost Cockatiel Elijah - CASH REWARD
Lost Cockatiel around 125 E Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109. 1000$ gcash reward. Please call 801-310-6428. He is missing one foot

Posted: Tue, 8 Jun. 2021
Expires: Mon, 6 Sep. 2021
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Found gray cockatiel Sacramento
Found in So Sacto near Consumes Blvd and Franklin. Specifically on Yvonne Way.It might be injured. Can't fly. Drank water. Put it in a little cage. Hope to find owner!

Posted: Thu, 3 Jun. 2021
Expires: Wed, 1 Sep. 2021
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Found Cockatiel - Evanston IL
Found a cockatiel today that circled in our back yard then landed on my head. We have birds and it very easily went into a travel cage we have. It's inside in a quiet space with water.

Evanston, IL near Church & McCormick Blvd

Posted: Thu, 27 May. 2021
Expires: Wed, 25 Aug. 2021
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Lost Cockatiel: New Albany, OH with
I lost my Cockatiel male normal gray bird on Thursday May 13, 2021. He has a ring on his right leg for identification OH XXX. I’ll provide the full detail of his band/ring to prove ownership. He is extremely friendly, loves his human family and rarely bites if he is threatened. Please let me know if you spot him at 614-312-4039. My family is grief stricken from his loss.

Posted: Sun, 16 May. 2021
Expires: Sat, 14 Aug. 2021
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This Wednesday (5/12/21) our bird, Pikachu, flew away. We live near West Kendall/Miami on 147th ave and 88th st. Please please please let us know if you have seen/heard him or if you have him. We can't sleep knowing he is not with us. He is part of our family, and we are truly sad that our baby is not here. We miss him very much. He is a tamed, handfed bird who doesn't know about the outside world. *REWARD IF FOUND*.

DESCRIPTION: male gray cockatiel with a yellow face. Has an orange metal band around his right leg. He has different color nails - black on his left leg and white on his left leg. He is very friendly with humans and will sit on your shoulder. Call or text 786-399-4411 or 786-712-4802.

Este miércoles (5/12/21) nuestro pajarito Pikachu se asustó y voló de la casa. Nosotros vivimos cerca de West Kendall/Miami en la 147 ave y 88th calle. Por favor déjanos saber si lo han visto/escuchado o si lo han encontrado. No podemos dormir sabiendo que no está con nosotros. Es parte de nuestra familia y estámos bien tristes porque extrañamos a nuestro bebé. Es un pajarito criado en casa, no sabe como vivir fuera de la casa. Es muy cariñoso y se posa encima de su hombro. Hay una *RECOMPENSA* si lo encuentran.

DESCRIPCIÓN: Cacatillo varon de color gris y con cara amarilla. Tiene una pulsera naranja en la pata derecha. Tiene las uñas de diferentes colores - uñas negras en la pata izquierda y uñas blancas en la pata derecha.
Llamar o textear a 786-712-4802 o 786-399-4411

Posted: Sat, 15 May. 2021
Expires: Mon, 23 Aug. 2021
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Lost blue and white parakeet (Fulle
white forehead, blue belly, black markings on the back and the top half of the wings. White wings, white tail with its tip bit grey (got dirty from sweeping it everywhere in the house).

last seen around 4 pm near N Gilbert st & W Pioneer Ave. Please. Please contact me if you find him. He's been growing up with me for over 9 years and I promised that I will let him pass away peacefully in my arms. Please allow me to keep that promise.

Posted: Sun, 18 Apr. 2021
Expires: Tue, 27 Jul. 2021
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Expires: Wed, 6 May. 4753
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