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Dido, Dido, Dido... Dido!!! whats wrong whit the singer what used to sing exelent song like all the song of No Angel? really this your third CD (save trip home) is good but i think than could have been better, but is good too and i love you and how your fan i must tell you the things to you will be greats like ever!!!!!! i love (if Dido will see this)

Re: Dido!!!

really i listened your third album and is good really good!!!!!!!!!!!! the thing than i told is not true cos when i listened for first time this album im expected some songs more.... more wow!!!! but when i listened more and more times i could see that is like others albums of you, full of feeling and full of love..... thanks Dido!!!!!!! and really your music got a some thing.. i dont know what is but is a great thing that make me cry!!!! i hope you never stop of singing !!!! i love you!!!!!!!!!