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look no furter.............. is so sad......

hi again my eanglish is better now. the i want said is some about the new song of dido "loo no further" is exelente!!!! i like when she said "and look no further......for a happiness......i will no turn again......cos my heart is found its home" i felt and feel what all the music of dido has tore my heart because sing about the leaves of the love and feel!! when she sing and give u this emotion of "yes im or was in love and i keep here, sad, down but i keep here!!!!" is so greats not?...... some track of her cd that tell this is, in the cd No Angel: Slide, Dont Think Of Me, My Lovers Gone,Here Whit Me, and more.......... i know some peolpel may be feel some like me if are u please tell me what u feel........ (and i do not will open my wed side for its) well i hope u and byeeeeeeeee"

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