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a thing of magic...

when i listen "closer" when she said "haven´t touch your foot tonight and you´ve drinking more and more" you can feel it, if i will had girfiend will be great give love when she feels like the sound, sad and "down" some like this heppend too when earl "dont think of me" because i think the pain and the sad of the people what love some body and this some body love an another, four this said "so you are whit her and not whit me... when your see her sweet smile baby, don´t think of me" and too imagine the ugly women when said "...and littel angel bedsideyou (junto a ti, pues)" oh¡ yes¡ the most beatiful angel ofcurse, this in sometime has happened to mine and is terrible, for no burring yuo more i gone, but i promise will write another think like this but more good made ah¡ i`m from México, i said it because my english isn´t very good and can i wrote something out of normal, try you write some about a liryc of Dido y spend my you experience (for this i could open my page but dont will be) i hope it here,in mexico