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Re: Live Versions of "All I Want & Don't Leave Home" Audio

Just spotted your request.The two tracks are on the DVD "Live at Brixton Academy" but not Audio disc, is that what you mean.I went to the concert it was A1.
I dont if i should say this here but afer the DVD & Audio disc came out i remade the Audio disc (for my own enjoyment only) to include all the songs from the DVD.

All the best.

I am also after the live version of "Take my hand" from the V Festival from a few years back.Recorded the video but the audio came out useless.

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Replying to:

I would like Live Versions of "All I Want & Don't Leave Home" Audio or mp3.

They are not on her album "Live at Brixton Academy"

Does anyone know where I could get them???

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