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Re: Hi from to Turkey

i wrote an messages here a few mounth ago, i saw there are a lot of idiot who write Turkey sucks or write you are idiot, in here. i just want to say i love her too and i want to see her in Turkey. please keep your think about Turkey, i don't care. also serpil, i will send some photo about her.

I love you too

You're an idiot.

Re: ı love you dido

everyone loves dido who join this forum. this is not new. i've visited tihs site for 4 years and i always try to persuade her for a concert in Turkey. But she's never come here. because of this i tired. please help me for a concert in Turkey. (dido türkiye de konser versin bu konuda bir lobi oluşturmalıyız desteklerinizi bekliyorum)