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closed aviary an experiment

We are trying a closed breeding system this season to see if we can rear more
chicks without the hassles of fighting rogue infections that come out of the
We have read that others have doe it with success and so wish to try our hand at
it as a result we are issuing the following statement:
Thank You to all of you that have have expressed a desire to view the aviary and
our practices these last few weeks.
We unfortunately are not receiving any visitors until breeding ends in May.

If you would like to pick up vitamins, supplements and or other products please
email or call with your list and we would be happy to accommodate you. : )

We will be giving no tours of the facilities until after the chicks have
coloured out, so please do not ask for one when picking up an order.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but assure you that it is necessary in being
able to continue bringing the public our much applauded healthy hearty parent
reared finches.

Thank you all for your time in this matter.


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